Precious & Beautiful…

This week was exciting because I was able to pick out a doll to give L for Christmas. It kind of made it a little more real that we are going to host kids  in December.  We chose a doll from so we could have an encouraging Bible verse written on the doll (on her tummy under here dress.  Check out the website to see what I mean).

We chose the “My Beloved” doll


I want so much for her (and her brother) to know how precious and beautiful they are just as they are. I find myself wondering if they’ve been told that they are precious and beautiful…

I find myself wondering if  she has ever been given a brand-new doll of her own…Whether she will act like she cares about it or just toss it aside.  It doesn’t matter how she responds in front of us to the gift because the prayers we pray over the gift and our time we’re going to spend with L & her brother are of more value, I know.

I think about the kids I’ve had in my classrooms as a former teacher and wonder about these 2 little people coming to stay with us for 4 weeks. I think of the some of the kids from hard places I’ve taught…some who were struggling to learn or struggling to make friends or struggling to control their emotions…and I remember how I’ve kids with struggles blossom when given encouragement, hope and support. With God’s help, I look forward to loving on these kids and patiently meeting them where they are…praying their hearts will be responsive to us a potential family for them.

Fundraising Update: We now lack only $1758 before 11/15 then all funds raised will go towards homestudy cost for possible adoption 🙂 Thanks to all who’ve given or are considering giving! To give through paypal: ****If you would rather give through mail rather than paypal, please write check to New Horizons to Children & mail to us at: Heather & Alan Brandt, 3079 Twilight CT NE, Lanesville, IN 47136.


On to November Goals….Already!

We are happy to share that we’ve met our October 15th goal a couple of weeks early & are into our November fundraising goal. We now lack only $1758 before 11/15 then all funds raised will go towards homestudy cost for possible adoption 🙂 Thanks to all who’ve given or are considering giving! or send check written to New Horizons for Children to Heather & Alan Brandt, 3079 Twilight CT NE, Lanesville, IN 47136

Yes, the obstacles between our family & this  spunky little red head and her brother are almost gone!

Amazing Provision

Monday night I remember driving back from the grocery store and praying that God would move the obstacles between us and hosting the kids and possibly adoption.  I know that what happened Tuesday afternoon is NOT because of me or anything I have achieved on my own.  Some of my readers may be skeptics but I believe that God moved some one’s heart to give us almost entirely what we lacked to meet our October fundraising goal.  The donor gave anonymously and wants no glory for what they did.  We are so grateful for his/her generosity and kindness which has been shown to our family (and to the children for whom we are preparing our hearts and home).

Now we lack about $2278 to pay the remaining hosting fees for the kids.  Anything beyond that which we fundraise will go towards the additional cost of our homestudy and background checks, which is about $2000.  We will pay about $500 in application and review fees to the international placing agency, too.  The sooner we complete our homestudy the sooner we can complete a dossier (file) to send to Latvia if/when we want to pursue the adoption of the kids(which we are hopeful about).  Once the homestudy is complete and dossier complete, we are in a better shape to pursue grants for adoption expenses.  Whew!  Crazy when if I start thinking about the money involved in bringing children into our family but I know God removed such obstacles before and we are depending on Him totally this time because it is SOOO beyond what we can handle on our own.

We are so excited to get to know him &  his sister this Christmas!

Shop for Usborne Books To Help Raise Hosting & Adoption Fees!

One way to help us bring  the host kids to America and possibly adopt them is by shopping for books, puzzles and other gifts for children & teens.  We will receive 25% commission of all sales through our Usborne Books eshow.  Please feel free to share this shopping link with any you know who may be interested in these high quality, much-loved books!  My children still favor many of our Usborne Books over other books 🙂

Opening Heart & Home This Christmas

Over the past year, I’ve advocated for orphans being hosted through hosting programs, like New Horizons for Children. This past summer, we almost hosted…We were almost ready to agree to host 2 siblings when I found out someone else had stepped up to host them before us. So we became back-up family for these 2 children and I went to training, just in case. I prayed for them and thought of them often as they were hosted by a family here in the U.S. I prayed that God’s will be done…that if they ended up not being adopted after being hosted in the U.S., that we’d take it as confirmation that we needed to host them this Christmas….Then I found out they were not going to be adopted…So I immediately started pursuing hosting them despite the financial obstacle of trying to fundraise and save money quickly to pay the hosting/travel fees required to host the children for 4 weeks this Christmas. Am I scared of trying to raise the $ on one income in such a short period of time? I won’t lie….I’m very scared and struggle with worrying about it sometimes. If I could come up with a flexible part-time job right now that wouldn’t interfere with taking care of our son & daughter during the day, I would (any ideas?). If I could grow a money tree, I would have planted it yesterday. Instead, we are having a yard sale, fundraising web site, book sale, and Alan is busking/playing ukulele at a local flea market this Saturday, The Flea off Market. I’m also considering selling locally & by mail gluten-free chocolate chip cookies…

BUT to the heart of the matter, I’m trusting and praying that God will provide what we lack if we are truly meant to host these 2 children (with possibility of pursuing more—ie forever family?). And I’m trying to visualize and think of the WHY behind our commitment to host these 2 precious children in our home this Christmas. I’m picturing the kids already here (even though we don’t have the $ to write a check for the hosting fees…yet)…taking nature walks, being tucked in at night, playing games, laughing, chattering in Russian and Latvian, and receiving hugs. I’m imagining saying to them in Russian, “You are beautiful,” “You are kind,” “I love you,” and “You are special.”

So in this season of political debate, please forgive me if I spend more time trying to raise money for my favorite cause, children who need the love and support of families. I’m “liberal” with my love for orphans world-wide and “conservative” in my family’s spending so we can do all we can to get these two precious kids to the U.S. for Christmas in our family where they may possibly find a forever family.