Amazing Provision

Monday night I remember driving back from the grocery store and praying that God would move the obstacles between us and hosting the kids and possibly adoption.  I know that what happened Tuesday afternoon is NOT because of me or anything I have achieved on my own.  Some of my readers may be skeptics but I believe that God moved some one’s heart to give us almost entirely what we lacked to meet our October fundraising goal.  The donor gave anonymously and wants no glory for what they did.  We are so grateful for his/her generosity and kindness which has been shown to our family (and to the children for whom we are preparing our hearts and home).

Now we lack about $2278 to pay the remaining hosting fees for the kids.  Anything beyond that which we fundraise will go towards the additional cost of our homestudy and background checks, which is about $2000.  We will pay about $500 in application and review fees to the international placing agency, too.  The sooner we complete our homestudy the sooner we can complete a dossier (file) to send to Latvia if/when we want to pursue the adoption of the kids(which we are hopeful about).  Once the homestudy is complete and dossier complete, we are in a better shape to pursue grants for adoption expenses.  Whew!  Crazy when if I start thinking about the money involved in bringing children into our family but I know God removed such obstacles before and we are depending on Him totally this time because it is SOOO beyond what we can handle on our own.

We are so excited to get to know him &  his sister this Christmas!


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