Precious & Beautiful…

This week was exciting because I was able to pick out a doll to give L for Christmas. It kind of made it a little more real that we are going to host kids  in December.  We chose a doll from so we could have an encouraging Bible verse written on the doll (on her tummy under here dress.  Check out the website to see what I mean).

We chose the “My Beloved” doll


I want so much for her (and her brother) to know how precious and beautiful they are just as they are. I find myself wondering if they’ve been told that they are precious and beautiful…

I find myself wondering if  she has ever been given a brand-new doll of her own…Whether she will act like she cares about it or just toss it aside.  It doesn’t matter how she responds in front of us to the gift because the prayers we pray over the gift and our time we’re going to spend with L & her brother are of more value, I know.

I think about the kids I’ve had in my classrooms as a former teacher and wonder about these 2 little people coming to stay with us for 4 weeks. I think of the some of the kids from hard places I’ve taught…some who were struggling to learn or struggling to make friends or struggling to control their emotions…and I remember how I’ve kids with struggles blossom when given encouragement, hope and support. With God’s help, I look forward to loving on these kids and patiently meeting them where they are…praying their hearts will be responsive to us a potential family for them.

Fundraising Update: We now lack only $1758 before 11/15 then all funds raised will go towards homestudy cost for possible adoption 🙂 Thanks to all who’ve given or are considering giving! To give through paypal: ****If you would rather give through mail rather than paypal, please write check to New Horizons to Children & mail to us at: Heather & Alan Brandt, 3079 Twilight CT NE, Lanesville, IN 47136.


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