Opening Our Hearts & Home

Did you know that if we do decide to pursue the adoption of our precious host children for whom we’re praying, that they could turn us down?  It is soooo hard to put my head around this after having adopted our son from Russia as a toddler and our daughter as a preemie baby here in the U.S.

SO one of the number one things on my mind and heart (besides trying to raise the final $1758 we lack for fees due in November) is a prayer….That God will prepare the hearts of our host kids for our family and that they will be open to our family as we share our love and time with them this Christmas…and that we will have hearts open to L & E without reservation and without fear of what may or may not happen…We are planting seeds of love in these 2 children and trying to help them see how precious and special they are while they are here.  We know we have no control over what ultimately comes from this time with us.

Will you join us in praying for the host kids and for our family?  That we will have lots of laughter and hugs (despite language barriers)?  That L & E will feel safe in our family?

If you want to help remove the remaining financial barrier between us starting our homestudy, please give a gift of any amount (100% tax deductible) to help with the $1758 in hosting fees left.  We are eager to start our homestudy/adoption process in preparation for a shorter adoption process (if all goes well) but we know we can’t do it until we pay the remaining hosting fees.

Thanks to those who have given prayers and/or gifts to our family or are planning to do so!



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