Fall Faith Stretching…

Confession:  I’m a little scared.  I’ve never had to fund raise funds soooo quickly and with a clear deadline in sight.  This is definitely stretching my faith!  I try to look at the kids’ photos and remind myself when I get discouraged that God led us to these 2 kids…We weren’t looking for them…God led us to host them and we are going to welcome them into our lives this Christmas and show them love and help them to feel treasured as the precious kids they are!

Thanks to a gift given today, we have now have $485 left to raise by 11/1 and $1100 by 11/15.  We still need help so please spread the word about our heart for hosting these 2 orphans in our home this Christmas (with possibility of adoption) so please help by giving a little for this great cause!  If 16 folks gave $50 each (tax deductible!), then we’d have met this 11/1 goal and could move on to the 11/15 goal.  Trying not to get bogged now by the attempt to raise so much so quickly over the past few months.  SOOOO thankful for the generosity of others so far because it is certainly not because of my eloquence or anything great I’ve done that we’ve been able to make it through our September and October fees.

All donations given through 12/1 are tax deductible 100%!  GIVE at: http://www.youcaring.com/fundraiser_details?fundraiser_id=7020&url=brandtfamilyhostingorphans

You can also help by shopping our Usborne Books Eshow (ends 11/1) for great  teen & children’s books and other items!  We also have a wreath & live tree sale going on through 12/11(the tree sales will mostly go towards homestudy cost).


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