Staying Clear of “What If” Land & Choosing to Have Hope!

We survived our home safety visit (kind of like visit #1 of homestudy).  This is required for hosting through New Horizons for Children.  Whew!  Now on to our goal of raising $525 in the next 10 days.  I’ve been trying to sell some things online but so far no luck with that.  Praying that somehow God will provide what we lack so we can meet our 11/1 goal and then move on to our final hosting goal…

Trying not to dwell in “What If Land….” “What If” we don’t raise the money we need…This is not an option!  We are committed to welcoming these 2 children in our home for Christmas and we are hopeful God may call us to adopt them.  “What If” they don’t like us….un uh!  I REFUSE to dwell on unknowns and things that haven’t happened.

I’m boldly thanking God tonight for His provision for us.  This IS out of our means…When He provides it will be to His glory not of our hands because we can’t pull this off on our own.

Will you join us in this adventure by helping us meet our $525 goal this week?

Can’t wait to meet these children & get to know them better!



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