Update on Fundraising & Wish List for Kids We’re Hosting….

We still lack $5 to $272 for connecting flight fees for our 2 kids we are hosting from Latvia.  Again, if we end up not needing all the money raised for connecting flights, we will apply that money towards the cost of our homestudy (which we are eager to start as soon as possible). The homestudy’s cost is projected at $2000.  It will be possible to get tax deductions for donations towards our international adoption agency’s fees (please contact us for more info. HEATHERLBRANDT (AT) FRONTIER (DOT) COM  Give through http://www.youcaring.com/fundraiser_details?fundraiser_id=7020&url=brandtfamilyhostingorphans or mail to Heather & Alan Brandt, 3079 Twilight CT NE, Lanesville, IN 47136.
If we don’t end up needing all that we raise for connecting flight, it will go towards our homestudy’s cost, which is estimated at $2000.  If all goes smoothly with homestudy and dossier, we could bring home the kids before summer 2013…Now with international adoption and with adoption of older children, there are variables.  The children could decide they do not want to be in our family…, but as of now, these 2 children are clear for adoption and the process’ speed will depend on our homestudy and dossier’s completion.  Once our homestudy is complete, we can apply for grants so the homestudy’s completion is very important.    Our international agency will soon be able to accept donations on our behalf (that will be tax deductible).

Updated Wish List for Bikes & Clothes for Children We’re Hosting This Christmas:

Girl Clothing

(who is 3”9″ and 40 lbs)

3 or 4 pairs of size 5 pjs for the little girl

1 size 6 pj for the little girl.

bike helmet

will need snow boots & shoes (don’t know size yet so maybe a gift card?)

dress shoes, black (don’t know size yet so maybe a gift card?)


Day bed (to use in her bedroom here)

Twin Mattress (new or gently used)

Twin Mattress cover (waterproof)

Boy Clothing

bike helmet for the little boy who  is  4’1″ and 54 lbs.

couple of size 8 shirts or sweatshirts

Dress shoes, brown or black (don’t know size yet).

Snow boots (don’t know size yet so maybe a gift card).

Sneakers (don’t know size yet so maybe a gift card).


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