$3929 in 12 Days…Crazy Goal for the Love of 2 Kids

Update on Adoption Fundraising & Process:

It’s hard for me to articulate in a place like facebook or face-to-face how great our need is right now at this point in our adoption of our 2 kids we hosted at Christmas.  Right now, we lack minimum $1400 for our homestudy (not including our costs for medicals, certified birth certificates and 2 more background checks).  We lack the $300 the international agency charges to review our homestudy once it is finalized.  We lack the $890 needed to get USCIS approval (which is a required component of our dossier). We lack the fees to agency which will be required to submit our dossier.  Our fundraising goal right now is to raise $3929 in 12 days.   I know some of you think we are crazy for even putting this out there and trying to raise this much so quickly.  However, we know there are 2 kids waiting for us in Latvia who are definitely worth pursuing this crazy dream over…They don’t have a loving mom and dad to tuck them in at night or hug them and reassure them when they are scared.  There’s no one telling them they are precious and loved and investing time in playing with them and helping them.  This stage of the adoption process is very very hard….We can’t let the kids know we want to adopt them until this early stage of paperwork is done and we cannot apply for grants without the homestudy finalized.  Right now, we are hoping & praying that God will provide what we lack for this stage so we can get our homestudy finalized by the end of the month.  Can you give a little to help us meet our goal?  Can you pray for us during this difficult time of waiting?  Because these kids are already cleared for adoption, the money required is coming due very quickly and the process could move very quickly (which we want for the sake of these precious kids) but without what we need for this early stage, the early stage can drag on without the kids even knowing we are committed to making them a part of our forever family! 9275

Make a Tax-Deductible Gift OR Give through Paypal to Help with Homestudy

Give through paypal to help with homestudy etc: http://www.youcaring.com/adoption-fundraiser/Bringing-L-E-Home-from-Latvia/38396 OR to get tax deduction, mail  a check with note designating the gift for Heather & Alan Brandt’s homestudy expenses to St .Elizabeth- Catholic Charities,601 E. Market St., New Albany, IN  47150.  Please put attention: Emily Baumann on the envelope.

Make a Tax-Deductible Gift towards our International Adoption Fees Online or by Mail

You can give towards the fees with our international adoption agency. To designate a tax-deductible gift for us through our international agency, go to https://www.networkforgood.org/donation/ExpressDonation.aspx?ORGID2=581703392&vlrStratCode=9p6VomJkgdTY3b3CKnSERcxiYJqslPgiWOCobRt64yo36LcH8c08P1drNeBg4SPx & please remember to designate it for Heather & Alan Brandt adoption OR mail to our international adoption agency, An Open Door Adoption Agency, include a note saying “We wish to make this contribution to An Open Door Adoption Agency. We would “like or prefer” that the funds be used to aid the adoption process of the Heather & Alan Brandt family. An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc., P.O. Box 4, 218 E. Jackson St., Thomasville, GA 31799. Do not memo on the check a particular family or child!

Check out our On-Line Adoption Auction (starting week of 2/11/13) :

We will post a link to it in the next week or 2.  Please spread the word about it and help us to have a successful fundraiser!

Shirt & Jewelry Sales  

We  sell t-shirts  through http://www.ordinaryherostore.org/. You make a purchase and simply select  my name, Heather Brandt, as the affiliate under the drop down box during check out. We get 40% of sales.


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