Urgency of Love for 2 Orphans

9275Updates:   It’s hard to use words alone to describe the 2 children we hosted this Christmas and are in process of adopting.  We still can’t share the children’s names in this public blog or photos at this time.  The little girl is almost 2 x the age of our 5-year-old son. However, she is almost the same size physically as our son who is himself considered pretty petite according to growth charts.  Her weight and height are in less than the 3 percentile which I guess is probably evidence of failure to thrive, by medical definition.  Her brother has an eye condition that may require surgery as well as vision therapy.

God truly led us to these two children whom we hosted through New Horizons for Children.  During their first day here with our family, we’d felt God’s confirmation that we’d continue to pursue their adoption, though they will not be told about our desire to have them in our permanent family until after our dossier is submitted to Latvia. They are sweet, affectionate, funny,  creative, gentle, talkative, musical, active children and our family has experienced a void since they returned to Latvia.  Putting them on the airplane without being able to tell them how we long for them to be our children forever was heartbreaking.  I remember whispering to them, “This is NOT the end of the story,” and with God’s help, it truly will not be the end of the story of them being loved and cared for in our family.

Now, about $5000 still stands between us being able to submit our dossier to Latvia so that it can be translated and we can get court date/trip one dates to bring the children home. It can take up to 2 months after translation before we are even given trip dates.  And what is heartbreaking for us right now is that the children DO NOT know that we want them to be in our family through adoption.  They will not be told this until AFTER the dossier is submitted.  So $5000 is the obstacle standing between us being able to fully express our love and commitment to these 2 precious children who are orphans living without us wondering just what those 4 weeks together meant….We don’t know anything about their story of why they are orphans but orphans typically have been let down by others, even rejected and we want so badly to wrap our arms around these two children and say you are our son and daughter and we will love you forever, no matter what.

Will you help us by giving or sharing our story with others?  Two precious kids are waiting in snowy Latvia…they are real and they are loved and missed so terribly by us that we will keep working hard to fundraise and scrimp and save to bring them home.  Will you join us in sharing LOVE & the GIFT of a FAMILY with these orphans?  That they can no longer be labeled orphans as they are in their home country and just come home to us and be known as the son and daughter of Alan and Heather Brandt?

Ways to give: Give through paypal:http://www.youcaring.com/adoption-fundraiser/Bringing-L-E-Home-from-Latvia/38396 OR mail check to Heather & Alan Brandt, 3079 Twilight CT NE, Lanesville, IN 47136.
OR Make a Tax-Deductible Gift towards our International Adoption Fees Online or by Mail:
To designate a tax-deductible gift for us through our international agency, go to https://www.networkforgood.org/donation/ExpressDonation.aspx?ORGID2=581703392&vlrStratCode=9p6VomJkgdTY3b3CKnSERcxiYJqslPgiWOCobRt64yo36LcH8c08P1drNeBg4SPx & please remember to designate it for Heather & Alan Brandt adoption OR mail to our international adoption agency, An Open Door Adoption Agency, include a note saying “We wish to make this contribution to An Open Door Adoption Agency. We would “like or prefer” that the funds be used to aid the adoption process of the Heather & Alan Brandt family. An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc., P.O. Box 4, 218 E. Jackson St., Thomasville, GA 31799. Do not memo on the check a particular family or child.