Newsworthy Week!

Last week was an AMAZING week!  We found out our USCIS approval was pending more documents being submitted (that we thought was covered in our homestudy).  We submitted the evidence by email and received notice our approval would be given that day.  We had no clue we’d receive the USCIS approval in the mail just a couple of days later!  We were able to notarize a copy of the USCIS approval on Thursday and scan it for our agency so they were able to email it to the adoption facilitator in country this week.  We have no clue when our complete dossier will be submitted to the orphan court for the region where the children live whom we are trying to adopt.  Please join us in praying that they are already translated & that the facilitator submits the dossier to the orphan court/ministry this week (I know it’s crazy to pray that it is submitted this quickly but I like to dream BIG!)

This week, we also learned that we were chosen to receive a $2000 grant and two matching grants.  Matching grants depend on us being able to find friends, family (and strangers) to give gifts to meet the fundraising goals.  Our first matching grant challenge deadline is May 31st & we must raise $3500 (which then will be doubled!).  All gifts must be in before that date and must be mailed to the grant organization.  For more information on how to give to help us meet this goal go to & follow the instructions exactly so that your gift will count towards our challenge.

Right now, we don’t know how soon the next stage of adoption will go.  We may have to wait until July or even later to travel.  Our kiddos really wanted to be here by summer (and of course, we’d love to have them home from trip 1 too) but at this time we don’t know what will happen.  We appreciate prayers as we wait to see what is in store!  Please pray for everything to go smoothly & quickly!  



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